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Be sure to include your first name, pets name, and breed of pet.


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Karen's Piper  
Moluccan Too


Dottie Kitty

Dottie Kitty, she lives with Rockie and keeps a good distance between them. Rockie stands as tall as she does.








Debbie's 34 year old Lilac Crowned Amazon



Angel & Dallas

Linda's Angel, a Jenday Conure & Dallas,  Moluccan Cockatoo

And Miss Vanilla, an Umbrella Cockatoo



Miss K'Fir

Tina's Muggsy

A Harlequin Macaw  

Kim's  Miss K'Fir  

A Congo African Grey


Coco & Sammy

Hildy's Coco & Sammy,

Congo African Greys

Tequila & Sunshine
Tequila & Sunshine

Double Yellow Headed Amazons


Krystal, Umbrella Cockatoo


Becky's Umbrella Cockatoo - Tiki-Sunshine



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