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CPR for Birds    CPR  Cats & Dogs    Choking- Cats & Dogs 

Resuscitation, or CPR, as it is called is a version of artificial respiration that includes assisting the heart to BEAT. The purpose of CPR is to keep oxygen moving to the lungs and blood circulating throughout the body.


These directions APPLY TO BIRDS, although care is advised when doing CPR in some smaller, more delicate BIRDS. While these instructions may be good in an emergency, it is wise to check with your VET to establish the procedure that is best for your BIRD

How To Administer CPR

If your BIRD is NOT breathing use a finger or a swab to clear any mucus or other objects from the mouth. TILT the head back to straighten the airway passage. Do this VERY CAREFULLY so as not to injure the BIRD's neck.

Hold the mouth shut with one hand, and place your mouth over the BIRD's nostrils and mouth making sure the seal is tight.

Blow into the nostrils while watching to see if the chest expands.

If the chest DOES NOT EXPAND start over again by clearing the mouth.
If the chest DOES EXPAND release your
BIRD's mouth so it can exhale.

Repeat the breathing procedure once every five (5) seconds until your BIRD is breathing normally, or until your Vet or other Emergency technician is available to begin treatment.


PUT your BIRD on its right side.
PUT two finger tips on the ribcage.

Firmly press on the ribcage in quick, smooth movements. The compression should last no longer than 1/2 second.

Repeat this procedure a total of 10 times.

Then, if your BIRD is not breathing, perform CPR as described above.

Alternate between the chest compressions (10 in a row), and one breath into the BIRD's nostrils.


(Based on information contained in The Illustrated Veterinary Guide for Dogs, Cats, Birds, and Other Exotic Pets, By Dr. Chris C. Pinney, DVM.Published by Tab Books)

C P R  for Cats and Dogs

Open your pet's airway by swiping the back of his throat with your index and/or middle fingers. Extend his head back and pull the tongue forward. Also check that his nostrils are unobstructed. CPR
With your pet's mouth held closed, place your mouth over his nostrils and blow into them with enough force so that his chest rises. CPR
Lie your pet on his right side on a hard surface. Place the heel of one of your hands on his ribs over his heart. Place your other hand over the first hand and push down rhythmically and with reasonable force about 15 times. Blow into his nostrils and repeat the compressions until you can feel his heart beating and he is breathing on his own.

Get your pet to the vet right away.


This information comes from the book "Prevention For Pets, DOGS, The Ultimate Care Guide", by Hoffman 1998 Weldon Owen, Inc. Rodale Press, Inc.



CHOKING For Cats and Dogs

If your dog is heavy, lift his back legs off the ground as if he were a wheelbarrow. Give his body a good shake to dislodge the obstruction.


To perform the Heimlich Maneuver, wrap your arms tightly around your pet's belly just under his rib cage. Give one quick, forceful squeeze and the object causing the obstruction will usually be expelled. Visit your vet ASAP, as there may be some broken or cracked ribs from this procedure. Heimlich

This information comes from the book "Prevention For Pets, DOGS, The Ultimate Care Guide", by Hoffman 1998 Weldon Owen, Inc. Rodale Press, Inc.


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